Neptune Construction Group is dedicated to providing the best craftsmanship, care, communication and service. We are able to self-perform on all projects and we guarantee top quality contractor services with minimal impact on guests and hotel operations. Members of our team are highly dedicated to our company motto of integrity, accountability & accuracy.

Our Services

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment

Our team specializes in the management of the entire project. We are positioned to help our clients ensure that their furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) and operating supplies & equipment (OS&E) are handled, delivered and installed to meet the client’s specific needs.

Delivery & Installation Services

Installation services include model room, guest room, public area, and site removals. Full project services are adaptable to your needs. It is our steadfast belief that our success is a direct result of our passion for what we do, the hard work we are willing to commit to each project, the ability to serve our clients professionally, the value we place on our relationships, and ultimately, our persistence to overcome all obstacles to get the job done right.

Warehousing & Receiving

We take great care to receive, track, protect and warehouse your goods. Warehouse management is a critical component for tracking the receipt, storage, delivery and installation of goods. We know where all your goods are at any given time. We have excellent logistics management, which is essential to the warehousing, loading and unloading of our delivery trucks.

Renovation & Remodel

Our renovation and remodel project schedules are based on years of experience delivering thousands of hotel guest rooms rooms on time. We are able to customize your project schedule to fit the demanding needs of any assignment and work around additional contractors and trades. All schedules are developed to meet or exceed critical milestone dates. It is Neptune’s philosophy to be prepared for the unexpected, and to plan for success.

Flexible, Scalable, Hospitality Logistics

We have the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously, and the size and scope of the project does not affect our commitment to deliver quality craftsmanship in a timely manner , within budget.

Construction & Project Management

Neptune provides extensive senior level project management and experience in every area and Phase with a high level of communication and documentation. Each project the Neptune Construction Group is awarded goes through an extensive planning process. Prior to commencement of a project, the project team reviews the scope of work, timelines, resources and fiscal liability to ensure project performance exceeds expectations. 

Why us?

40 Years Experience

We understand your unique hospitality construction needs. We have proven solutions, the knowledge and experience to serve as a true partner and assist our clients in every aspect of renovation. We help transform hospitality properties into truly remarkable destinations for your guests.

Teamwork & Integrity

We focus on fostering a collaborative environment built on frequent and open communication.  Our experienced team enables our hospitality clients to be involved and informed in real time. Our core values are to always act with integrity, consistently improve processes, deliver excellence and communicate openly and often.

Superior Quality

Superior quality and attention to detail are what we are about, and what our clients can depend on. We are constantly at work behind the scenes to make sure each project goes smoothly, and creates the desired impact, taking extra care to keep noise levels low, equipment out of sight, levels of communication high and quality at the foremost of our minds.